How Do Markets 
Really Work?

Are all ETFs passive? Why is Robinhood free?

Live Webinar  Thursday, July 22nd  1:00pm 

Are Mutual Funds more preferable to ETFs?      

Are active strategies masquerading as passive?...

Market structure is intensely complex. Most of the time, the murky tech trading flow is similar to the penny scheming concept from the movie Superman III and Office Space, where it is costing clients fractions of pennies and simply adds up for the evil trading firm. Sometimes though, it is bigger than that...and we have an obligation to understand it all!

Live Webinar  July 22nd  1:00pm

Challenge your pre-conceptions by tuning in to our conversation covering:
  • Passive vs. Active: Are all ETF’s Passive? And what does “Passive” truly mean?
  • ETF vs Mutual Fund plus other investment vehicles and where they may play a role
  • How Robinhood and TD make money - true market infrastructure
  • Bitcoin, NFTs and next stage investing with context on market structure
  • Liquidity issues and other structural concerns

Featuring special guest:
​Dave LaValle, Market Structure Expert

David Lavalle’s expertise covers the broad finance industry, the Indexing landscape and the exchange trade product (ETP including ETFs) ecosystem, including extensive knowledge in trading, capital markets, stock exchanges, and regulatory engagements - Simply, He has deep knowledge of how the market really works! 
Some BIO highlights include:

  • CEO of Alerian and S-Network Global Indexes
  • US Head of SPDR ETF Capital Markets & Member of senior leadership team for State Street
  • Head of Exchange Traded Products (e.g., ETF), NASDAQ

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